The California kid continues his success in the bantamweight with a victory over former 135 lb. WEC champion Eddie Wineland. Here is the play-by-play action.

Round One:
Faber ties up right away and Wineland pushes Faber against the fence. Faber shifts his hips back and forth and finally shakes lose as Wineland lands right on the way out. Faber shoots and gets the takedown and Wineland pops right up. urijah pulls clinch and Wineland switches to the back and gets a slam takedown and Faber pops quickly back up. Faber lands a big counter right. Faber comes forward hands down to attempt to continue countering. Faber attempts two takedowns and is stuffed both times by Wineland. Wineland lands a flush counter right on the chin. Faber unfaded slips a punch and lands his own right. Faber fakes a takedown and goes for a jab as the round ends. Caged gives the round to Wineland 10-9 for the stuffed takedowns.

Round Two:
Faber lands a head kick and follows with another landed head kick. Wineland is starting to miss with most shots. Wineland throws a leg kick that Faber checks. Faber shoots in with a fast double-leg that keeps Wineland down. Faber starts to stack Wineland but is unable to posture. Faber starts landing a right elbow over and over. Faber stacks and starts dropping right hand bombs from the top. Wineland attempts to push off hips to get up but Faber rushes forward stopping Wineland. Faber picks up Wineland from guard and slams him down and follows with a landing elbow to end the round.
Caged gives the round to Faber 10-9 for top control for most the round along with damage standing and in guard.

Round Three:
Faber lands a counter right as Wineland misses a hook. Faber shoots but is stopped by Wineland. Inside leg kick lands by Wineland. Wineland gets double underhooks in clinch but is unable to do anything with as Faber slips out. Faber lands a big uppercut on Wineland and is coming forward landing jabs. Faber is now tee’ing off on Wineland with the faster hands. Faber attempts the judo trip but unable to get but continues pushing till he gets Wineland down in the guard. Faber is raining down punches from the guard to finish out the fight. Caged gives the win to Faber for superior striking in the third 29-28.

OFFICIAL DECISION Urijah Faber defeats Eddie Wineland via unanimous decision: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Faber tells Joe Rogan during his victory win: “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, Hide yo UFC Belt” as he is now lined up for a title shot with Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz..

Faber well known for being a dominating featherweight champion in the WEC prior to the UFC integration has now claimed victories over top fighters Takeya Mizugaki, Raphael Assuncao, Jens Pulver, Jeff Curran, Dominick Cruz, and Eddie Wineland.