If Uriah Hall’s bone was sticking out of his toe after the first round of his bout against Thiago Santos at last night’s UFC 175, how in the hell did the doctor allow the fight to continue?

Granted, given the seriousness of the injury and Hall’s subsequent display of toughness and heart, it made for some fantastic drama – would the TUF runner-up be able to continue? Would the fight be called off? Could Hall pull of the win despite the injury? We got answers to those questions, of course. But if a bone is protruding from the skin, the risk of infection is dramatically increased, especially on an Octagon canvas that’s already seen seven fights go down on it that night. Hall risked a lot and was rewarded with the “W”, but he’s fighter and it’s not like he’s going to want to quit. In an instance where a compound fracture presents itself, isn’t it prudent for the cageside physician to call the fight off for the sake of safety?