TUF 17 runner-up Uriah Hall has sometimes had performances that left you wondering why he never turned it on, and he’s had performances where he knocked your socks off. Tonight, at UFC Fight Night 73, when Hall stepped into the Octagon against promotional newcomer Oluwale Bamgbose, it was very much the latter.

The skinny on Bamgbose was that he was a fast-starting, unorthodox striker who packed power, and the assumption was that his aggressive tendencies would force Hall to engage. That turned out to be true. From the outset, Bamgbose was throwing bolos, aiming for his foe’s head and looking to add another knockout to his record.

Hall responded with head-movement and his usual multi-directional dance step. He also threw counters, and when Bamgbose fell after a poorly-balanced kick, the veteran fighter had no intentions of letting him up. From fists to forearms to elbows, Hall dropped it all, and despite many attempts to block and squirm away, Bamgbose was soon eating enough of them to go fetal.

The ref stepped in at 2:32 of the first round, putting Hall back on the winning track in impressive fashion.