It will go down as one of the most amazing endings to a fight ever, and it truly was.

For the entire first round of the UFC Fight Night 75 scrap between former Strikeforce champ Gegard Mousasi and TUF runner-up Uriah Hall, Mousasi completely dominated Hall on the ground, securing top position almost effortlessly and delivering blows constantly. Hall attempted a heelhook, and reversed briefly with a kimura attempt, but he was being owned, and the gulf between their respective abilities was huge and apparent.

Then came Round 2, and after knocking Mousasi’s head back with a jab, Hall timed a perfect spinning back-kick that sent his foe stumbling. A split second later he landed a flying knee, and when a dazed Mousasi struggled to regain his senses on the ground, Hall unloaded with a furious barrage of fists. The referee jumped in at the 25-second mark.

It. Was. Amazing.