Professional MMA may be illegal in New York and the source of a constant battle between the UFC and the Culinary Union, but let’s not forget that unsanctioned boxing is also against the law – and rightly so. Underground fights lack safety standards and all the safeguards meant to protect fighters. Someone could get hurt, or die if there isn’t proper medical care on hand.

That said, underground fights are fun as hell to go to (and I speak from experience).

The video below is from BX Fight Club, which usually takes place in various spots in the Bronx and which feature untrained dudes pounding on each other with boxing gloves. Yes, these events are highly illegal. Unlike MMA, which is permitted in amateur form in the state, boxing is regulated in both pro and amateur iterations, so when events go down that are completely unsanctioned…

…Let’s just say the New York State Athletic Commission is unhappy with what’s going on in the video.