That’s too creepy, “Uncle Creepy…” UFC Flyweight Ian McCall was most likely in some hot water with his employers after tweeting out this ‘controversial’ comment about the homeless.

@Unclecreepymma:UFC paperweight. #1 single daddy of the whole wide world. These violent delights have violent ends. #TeamAPS #TriumphUnited #OsirisShoes #teamoyama

I hate the homeless … I don’t feel sorry for you. If you want change then let me throw it as hard as I can at your dirty face.

McCall would later regret the comments and take to The Underground to post his apology.

I was having a s—-y day and some junkie was talking s— to me and i took it to twitter. I have nothing against the homeless I dont even know why i used that word, it has nothing to do with psychiatric people or PTSD people. Anyone that knows me knows how much charity work i do. I just had a problem with this junkie talking s— to me and i apologize to everyone that i said that. I used to have a drug problem now i despise junkies. I’m sorry for offending anyone it came off as a total a—— thing to say and for that i am sorry.

McCall explains that it was actually about a specific drug addict that was giving him crap. The hatred he admits coming from something he hates about his own past. We forgive old Creepy pants, but can you?