Preliminary Bouts:

Welterweights: Sean Spencer Defeats Yuri Villefort by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

UFC Ultimate Fight Night 28 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil kicked off with a clash between young welterweights, as Sean Spencer edged Yuri Villefort in a split decision.

The bout was almost completely contested in standup, featuring mostly close exchanges — Spencer seemed to land a few more hand combinations, while Villefort mostly landed leg kicks. The Virginia-based Spencer particularly out-landed Villefort, who was born in Brazil but fights out of the Blackzillians camp in Florida, in the third.

The loss is Villefort’s second in his two visits to the Octagon, while Spencer has now won both of his UFC bouts.

Welterweights: Ivan Jorge Defeats Keith Wisniewski By Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, and 29-28)

The second bout of UFC Ultimate Fight Night 28 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil was another match between an American and a Brazilian at Welterweight, but the result was the opposite of the first, with the Brazilian earning a decision victory.

Keith Wisniewski of Indiana enjoyed a clear size advantage over Ivan “Batman” Jorge of Santa Catarina, who took the bout on short notice and usually fights at lightweight. In fact, Jorge earned a championship belt at lightweight with the Jungle Fight promotion, where he’s known as Ivan “Batman.”

Wisniewski appeared to earn an early advantage, shrugging off Jorge’s takedown attempts and attacking with strong striking in the clinch. He continued the same strategy throughout the slow second and third rounds, and while Jorge found more success as the bout concluded, the decision came as a surprise to many, including, seemingly, the UFC announcing team.

Welterweights: Elias Silvério defeats João Zeferino by Unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, and 30-27)

In the third bout of Ultimate Fight Night 28 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Elias Silvério showed a solid all-around game to neutralize jiu-jitsu standout João Zeferino for a dominant decision victory in another welterweight bout.

Silvério imposed a good standup game in the matchup of young Brazilians, out-landing his countryman with striking combinations throughout the three rounds. He wasn’t as active when the action hit the mat, drawing the ire of Kenny Florian on commentary, but it would be enough to secure the victory. Zeferino was mostly ineffective in his takedowns and standup game alike, drawing a round three warning for an illegal up-kick to the face.

The scores came in at 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27, all in favor of Silvério, who improves to 9-0 in his MMA career with the victory in his UFC debut. Zeferino drops to 0-2 in the UFC.

Bantamweights: Lucas Martins defeats Ramiro Hernandez by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 1:10 of round one.

Round One: A much larger Martins comes out swinging and lands immediately — a right hand drops the American almost immediately. Martins drops to a knee to get behind Hernandez, rolls back and locks in a rear naked choke.

At 1:10, Hernandez is out and Herb Dean steps in, handing the victory to Martins in his home state. Martins, who previously fought at lightweight, moves to 2-0 in the UFC.

Featherweights: Kevin Souza defeats Felipe Arantes by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Round One: Arantes shows a high kick to start. Souza lands a left hook/right hand combination. Souza moves in and out well, scoring consistently with his boxing — particularly with a right to the body. Arantes scores a double leg with two minutes left. Souza holds him close but Arantes finally advances to half after a good right. Arantes attacks with an Americana key-lock and moves into mount as time expires.

Round Two: Arantes fares better in standup to begin, landing a left hook, but is still out-landed by a small margin by Souza’s punching combinations. Souza lands a good kick to the body in another exchange. His takedown fails, but he backs Souza to the fence. They seperate midway through the round.

The wiry Souza maintains range in the remainder of the round, scoring straight right hands and jabs to the head and body — but it’s a shot at a time, no combinations.

Round Three: Arantes does a nice switch kick to begin, but the action quickly slows. Souza lands good right hands to the head and body. Arantes is visibly shaken, and starts struggling for a takedown. The two are separated after a long stretch against the cage.

Arantes finally lands a takedown again, but only manages one substantial strike — a knee to the body — before time expires.

The scores are read, 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 in favor of Souza.

Main Card:

Flyweights: Ali Bagautinov defeats Marcos Vinicius by knockout at 3:28 of round three.

Round One: The two circle for almost a minute until Bagautinov charge in with a series of 1-2’s. Against the cage, Bagautinov drops Vinicius with a punch behind the ear, and hammers down with a series of punches. He attacks with a guillotine, but Vinicius escapes into side control and advances to back mount with hooks. Bagautinov narrowly escapes the rear naked choke but is taken to the mat as the bell sounds on an entertaining round.

Round Two: Bagautinov again leads in the standup exchange, landing some kicks to the body and a hard left to stagger Vinicius. He takes the action to the mat, but Vinicius threatens a sweep from butterfly guard. They rise only for Bagautinov to score another takedown, where he struggles to initiate any offense from the Brazilian’s guard. Back to the feet, Vinicius lands a good left but is again mostly out-struck by the Russian’s punching. Another Bagautinov takedown ends the round.

Round Three: Bagautinov’s superior standup continues to carry the day but the action is slowing noticeably. Vincius lands a series of leg kicks. With about a minute and a half left –a sudden right hand stops Vinicius cold and drops him to the mat. Bagautinov steps in to follow up with rights and knocks Vinicius out cold!

Middleweights: Rafael Natal defeats Tor Troeng by unaninous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Round One: The two exchange punches, then Troeng stumbles to the mat as Natal lands a right hand to the ear. Natal and Troeng exchange reversals from guard and half guard in a remarkable exchange, but Natal lands on top and advances to side control. Troeng again reverses him and rises to hit a hard left hand, then looks for the Brazilian’s back. Natal looks for a leg, but fails, and Troeng keeps trying to work in his guard as time expires.

Round Two: Natal lands another big right hand — this one to the chin — knocking Troeng to the mat just fifteen seconds in. Natal follows up with a flurry of hammer fists in Troeng’s guard, but Troeng survives to threaten another sweep. But Natal lands on top, eventually advancing to side control. Troeng fights to his feet, then falls to guard for a Kimura which fails. They stay clinched against the cage for a long sequence; the pace finally slowing. Natal reverses a takedown but they scramble back up.

Round Three: Natal switching leads, to little effect. They clinch and Natal jumps guard into a guillotine choke, rolling Troeng to mount, but the Swede signals he’s okay. Troeing rolls Natal and they end up in Natal’s guard where Troeng works to escape. He finally escapes, but Natal is able to reverse, and they end up in Troeng’s half guard. It’s a really unusual variety of jiu-jitsu technique on display here. Natal finally works to Troeng’s back for some good punches, but Troeng repositions him into half guard, then full. The bell sounds on a memorable ground display.

Lightweights: Piotr Hallmann defeats Francisco Trinaldo by submission (Kimura) at 3:50 of round two.

Round One: Trinaldo dominates the early going, landing some hard kicks to the body from the southpaw stance. Hallman drops from a kick to the liver, but fights right back to his feet. Trinaldo continues backing him up, landing with knees and uppercuts as the two clinch. Hallman recovers and lands a few punches but is taken to the mat. The two battle against the cage as time expires on a clear Trinaldo round.

Round Two: Hallman immediately shoots in and gets a takedown, but Trinaldo works from deep half guard to his feet. A single leg from Trinaldo brings the action back to the mat, where the Brazilian works for a knee bar in a scramble. Hallman fights to keep his feet, lands some good punches as Trinaldo slows, and begins working in Trinaldo’s half guard. An elbow lands, then another which draws a warning for a 12-6. Hallman locks in a Kimura — and torques it until Trinaldo taps.

Flyweights: Joseph Benavidez defeats Jussier Formiga by T/KO at 3:07 of round one

Round One: Benavidez dominates the standup to begin, bouncing in and out, switching stances, and mostly landing with a straight left hand. Formiga looks to counter but appears out-matched. A three punch combination stuns Formiga, and Benavidez follows up with a knee to the body to drop him. A series of punches to a prone, and motionless, Formiga prompts Mario Yamasaki to call a halt to the bout at 3:07.

Middleweights: Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza defeats Yushin Okami by T/KO at 2:48 of round one.

Round One: The two exchange to begin, but Souza ducks a Okami left to shoot in and back him against the cage. A hard right stuns Okami, and Souza follows up in the clinch with a series of punches — almost meriting a stoppage. A knee to the body also lands for Souza. Okami fights off the cage and they circle. A huge overhand right hand to the chin drops Okami to the mat! Souza pounces to a knee-on-belly position, hammering down right hands until Yamasaki steps in at 2:48.

Light Heavyweights: Glover Teixeira defeats Ryan Bader by T/KO at 2:55 of round one

Bader attacks with jabs and left hooks to begin. A single leg fails, but then he rocks back for a guillotine. They scramble to their feet. Teixeira shoots his own takedown, but Bader bounces back to his feet. Teixeira misses a head kick. Bader bounces away, and lands a left hook as Teixeira comes in. Teixeira looks hurt. Bader looks to follow up with uppercuts and rights, but gets blasted by a Teixeira right straight/left hook combination. Bader falls to the mat hard and Teixeira follows him to the mat with punches. With Bader stunned and not defending, the official steps in to call a halt to the action.

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