After weeks of campaigning for a title shot at 185, and then insisting on a fight at light-heavyweight or above, at the end of the day, Vitor Belfort’s title run is on the line versus Dan Henderson after all. Dana White confirmed recently┬áthat Belfort needs to defeat “Hendo” at UFC Fight Night 32 to keep his title shot hopes alive, even though the two will scrap at 205. While the fight was already interesting enough, since it features two massive MMA stars, now there’s also a ton on the line. Sounds good right?

Considering how long and passionately Belfort has asked to fight for the middleweight belt next, the 36 year-old seems to have taken the news about what’s at stake tonight pretty well. While speaking about how his title run could be dramatically set back by Henderson today, Belfort noted (comments via MMA

“You’re remembered for your last fight, so some people are afraid of taking a risk,” Belfort said. “Everything is a risk in life. We have to go out and risk in order to win.”

“I’m so happy just to be able to go into this fight so focused,” Belfort noted. “I’m looking forward to fighting one of the greatest fighters of all time,┬áDan Henderson, so that’s my focus right now.”

Since Belfort will be facing one of the most durable and toughest fighters the sport has ever seen, who is also equipped with the dreaded “H-Bomb”, that’s probably a good idea. If Belfort becomes the first man to knockout Henderson, that would certainly be a huge addition to his already stacked resume.

Of course, tonight’s a big fight for “Hendo” too, since he’s coming off decision losses to Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida. Hopefully the action lives up to the back story.

UFC FN 32 will be hosted by Goiania, Brazil and will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.