A UFC veteran was arrested for a murder committed in 1999, but don’t worry, it’s probably a name you don’t recognize.

On Tuesday, police in Tempe, A.Z. finally thawed the ice on a cold case and slapped the cuffs on Homer Moore – an accomplished regional fighter who made one appearance in the Octagon back at UFC 34 in 2001 (he was submitted by Evan Tanner via armbar). Yes, the murder happened way back in 1999, and has gone unsolved for all these years, but when it comes to justice, “better late than never” is often how it goes.

Some details from the AZCentral:

At the time, there was no physical evidence against him and he could not be linked to the crime, Lt. Michael Pooley, a Tempe police spokesman, said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Witness statements led police to Moore’s arrest on Monday, he said.

Moore liked to talk, Pooley said. He would brag about murdering a man at bars and to random people, who told police what they’d heard.

“Here we are, fifteen year later,” Pooley said. “We’re able to give some answers to the family and give answers to the community.”

So let this be a lesson to you, kids: disposing of a body in a trunk = bad; disposing of a body via acid in a barrel = Breaking Bad.