UFC vet Pat Schilling has announced he’s retiring from professional MMA at the young age of 24. The Minnesota fighter hasn’t fought since he exited from the UFC last year, following back-to-back losses to Max Holloway and Daniel Pineda.

Speaking via his official Facebook account, Schilling relayed that although he plans to continue training and would like to instruct others in martial arts, he believes it’s time to hang up the gloves.

“I gave up a lot of other things in life to pursue this dream, and I reached its pinnacle. But now life has taken me another direction, and I just can’t meet the same rigorous expectations I placed upon myself when coming up through the ranks to be able to compete on the local scene and work my way back up. There are amazing people out there who push and motivate me, and there are unfortunately people who do the opposite: suck the energy and fun out of the game. Pulling the full time job and a full time fighting career is just something I don’t desire anymore. I want more time to spend with friends and family, and do things that continue to give me energy in life.”

Schilling went 5-0 as an amateur, and then after he turned pro, he won five more straight bouts to secure a UFC roster spot. The retired fighter also thanked his friends, family and fans for all their years of support.

Due to his young age, Schilling’s decision might have caught a lot of people off guard, but as he noted, training, fighting, and handling a full time job has got to be extremely demanding.


Photo Credit MMA Weekly.com