Last years UFC Undisputed 2009 is no doubt a huge hit for UFC and publisher THQ, with over 3.5 million copies sold. However, once the dust settled and everyone got a little bit of playing time under their belts, the complaints came in on the games flaws.

This was expected as it was the first UFC game since the sport became mainstream, and it’s first time on the next gen consoles – which already have a very high standard of expectancy from the gaming community.

What we hated in Undisputed 2009:

  • The cage itself was nothing more than a barrier to keep you from walking off forever in the distance. You couldn’t pin your opponent up against it, nor use it for any advantage at all. The absence of this feature was hugely puzzling as it is the most dominating difference from Pride fights and UFC fights.
  • Ranked online battles were very much hated because sore losers who didn’t want to damage their records were pulling the plug or turning off their consoles to avoid the loss, which also voided a players win (This was later patched, but wayyy later! and even still it’s flawed).
  • Zero head movement! The stand up game consisted of only strike, block, or step back. Unlike EA’s Fight Night, where you can bob and weave, and sway – to use for defense, and eventually turn it into an opportunity to strike with a nice counter or combo – was non existent. This lacking feature left much more to be desired from the game, and made a striking match very bland, and predictable.
  • Lack of style depth. Creating a fighter with only options of one stand up style, and one ground style made creating a character extremely limited. A created Jiu-Jitsu fighter would never be able to slam a guy because that was restricted for wrestling only, a boxer can’t unleash a head kick because that’s only for Muay Thai or kick boxers.

The improvements so far:

Well UFC recently held an event and Albert Iskander, writer for attended this event which showed off a demo of UFC’s Undisputed 2010 gameplay. It featured a bout between Paulo Thiago and Mike Swick, who just happened to be attending the event as well.

According to Albert’s report, the demo seemed to improve on a lot of the previous versions flaws.

“The graphics and models, which looked fantastic in the previous title, were much crisper”.

Gameplay improvements now feature cage use, which was a very obvious missed opportunity in the first game. Players can now enjoy pushing their opponents up against the fence either standing or on the ground, and beat on them. You can also expect to see more moves, styles, fighters, and animations such as bobbing and weaving, ducking, and the ability to switch to southpaw or orthodox stances.

Graphic wise, everything from the crowd to the fighters to even the camera crew working outside the cage, have been thoroughly improved.

“I also noticed upgrades to the fans and camera crew. At one point, Swick had Thiago up against the cage and the camera guy stepped down from the stool to get a better shot of the action”.

Another great improvement is the training camps for created fighters. No longer are your created fighters limited to just one ground style and one stand up style. According to THQ you will now be able to move camp to camp learning whatever specific move, style or submission you desire for your fighter. This makes for much deeper character development, making your created fighter a true mixed martial artist.

THQ says for gamers to expect, new game modes, more online options, and an overall much better MMA gaming experience from the previous Undisputed title.