It’s no secret that gaming giant THQ’s ” UFC Undisbuted 2010″ isn’t doing even half as well as last year’s version. And although critics were seemingly impressed with the game’s updates, gamers and fans were not.

According to a report, THQ has fallen down with a 39% drop in sales (in comparison to 2009’s first quarter sales.) Along with this, the company dropped from $243.5 million to $149.4 million in this year’s first quarter. Ouch….

Even though UFC Undisputed 2010 has sold around the same amount of games as 2009, the company had to seriously drop the price in order to maintain 2009’s sale quota.

It has also been reported that since their struggles with the game, THQ is considering reducing the amount of releases on the game. Originally the company was planning to come out with new editions each year, but after the disheartening numbers from quarter one, top execs are thinking that may not be such a wise decision.