Yesterday, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson posted a rant on his Facebook account that raised a few eyebrows.

As Jim Genia reported here at Caged Insider, the 31 year old light heavyweight contender Johnson had a confrontation with a female gym patron, that, well… we’ll let him explain:

“To the ugly girl in the gym built like a bag of dry dog food, this is for you,” Johnson wrote in a post that he later deleted. “If you get in my way or any other athlete’s way again and I’ll throw your yoga mat across the gym AGAIN.”

Now, the UFC is launching an investigation about the incident he described.

Here’s a screen shot (or two), along with a reaction from British writer Ian Bain:






Johnson later apologized, also on Facebook:


But it’s not just his words that are falling under scrutiny. Last night, the UFC issued a statement on their website hiring a third-party firm to investigate the incident in the gym:

“UFC is aware of the situation involving Anthony Johnson. We take these matters seriously and have commenced a formal investigation by a third-party law firm. We will act accordingly once we gather more information.”

Sadly, it seems this is not unfamiliar territory for Johnson. The fighter was previously suspended and investigated by the UFC regarding a domestic violence charge from 2012, but he was reinstated when the case was dismissed. He also entered a no contest plea to domestic violence charges back in 2010.