When the UFC makes trips out of the country, many times there is no commissioning bodies – just as there wasn’t at UFC 153 in Rio. On these occasions the UFC regulates itself. In the case of their fighters Stephan Bonnar testing positive for a steroid and Dave Herman testing positive for marijuana, the two have now been disciplined.

There’s a difference between performance-enhancing drugs and street drugs such as marijuana.

Currently retired, Stephan Bonnar is ineligible of fighting with the organization for one year – marking Oct. 13 2013 as his available return date, should he choose to come out of retirement. As for Herman, the UFC (like most fans) does not take as much offense to marijuana use as a performance-enhancing drug. The heavyweight “Pee-wee” has been said to be required to attend a drug treatment program before he is eligible to return.

The news has also seemed to have caused a call for improved ‘random drug testing, according to UFC’s vice president of regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner.

“We’re going to have a statement about random testing and more testing very soon,” he said. “We’re forming new policies. I’d say before (the) new year, we’ll have some more policies about drug testing.”

When asked on the lesser punishment handed to Herman, Ratner responded:

“We feel really strongly that there’s a difference between performance-enhancing drugs and street drugs such as marijuana.”

As the use of performance-enhancers continues to be prevalent in the sport, Ratner says the goal of a level playing field is still intact.

“We have to be more vigilant and the commissions have to be more vigilant,” Ratner said. “We want a level playing field, and we really do care about having the sport clean. We want the message out there that no matter where (fighters compete), there’s going to be testing.”

*Update* The UFC has announced that they will in fact enforce a six month suspension for Herman’s failed test for marijuana.