Piracy is a big issue right now and the UFC is not one to stand for it! The corporation is announcing a suit against a man in the Boston-area for broadcasting an illegal feed of UFC 104 in his bar.

The Boston Herald reported that the UFC is accusing the owner of a local bar “The Draft Bar and Grill”¬†Derek Brady, in Allston, Massachusetts of unlawfully broadcasting the event for commercial use, according to the lawsuit that was filed this Tuesday.

“This is a situation where a bar has illegally taken our pay-per-view signal without purchasing it through our exclusive closed-circuit providers,” UFC general counsel Lawrence Epstein recently told the newspaper.

Generally bars and clubs are charged anywhere between $500 to $1,500 to broadcast UFC events [depending on how large the business is.]

Lawyer for the UFC, Julie Lonstein, claims an eyewitness saw Brady transmitting a feed of the October 24th event on his personal laptop, to the bar’s TVs.

Brady’s lawyers rebut that a patron of the bar did legally purchase the feed, but did not have permission to show it.

The UFC is suing Mr. Brady a whopping $640,000 plus legal costs…bummerrrrr.