According to sources in both camps, the deal is about done. Fighters Only Magazine reports that Chael Sonnen will make his return at light heavyweight against the former champion of the division, Lyoto Machida. The bout is expected to take place in Texas at UFC 136. The card is also already rumored to be headlined by the featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian.

As it should come at no surprise, Sonnen has already started the trash talking campaign against team blackhouse and even Brazilian Wanderlei Silva in preparation for his fight. Via

“There’s a man you may of heard of called Randy Couture, and Machida took one of his teeth said Sonnen. And for that I’m going to take three of his,” said Sonnen. “But, I’m not only willing to take on Machida just because of Randy, it’s also that easy fight thing and I’m trying to ease my way back into the pool so I’m calling out bums.”

“There’s a couple of things going on there,” Sonnen explained. “Wanderlei tells me that he’s going to send me to the dentist. And I’m thinking, ‘the receptionist generally sets those appointments, but if you know the phone number to my local dentist, I guess you could.’ Then I’m thinking, ‘Is he threatening me? I’m an American gangster, you are an immigrant from Brazil. Are you sure you want to go down this road with me? That’s a threat?

“Hey Wanderlei, let me give you a threat. I will cut the power to your house and do a home invasion. You will hear me climbing up the stairs in a pair of night vision goggles I bought in the back of ‘Solder of Fortune’ magazine. The next thing you’ll hear is me picking the lock of your bedroom door and taking a photograph of you in bed with the Nogueira brothers working on your jiu-jitsu. I will post said photograph at with password: not required, username: not required.”