Kenny Florian vs Takanori GomiESPN’s “MMA Live” show posted on its Twitter account Saturday (Jan. 2nd, 2010) that “the 33-year-old Boston native Kenny Florian will face the former Pride lightweight champion in his UFC debut this year.” If you have not seen the show, you may not know that Kenny Florian is the host of ESPN live, which gives the twitter update a little more credibility.

When UFC president Dana White was questioned about the rumor Dana said “Could be. There’s a lot of guys that could fight Gomi in that division. I don’t know.”

Kenny Florian and Gomi have both lost to the current Lightweight Champ BJ Penn and are working their way back into title contention.

Takanoir Gomi is coming off a two win streak against Tony Hervey (Decision ) and Takashi Nakakura (KO by punches).

Kenny Florian is coming off of an impressive win over Clay Guida (Submission, rear-naked choke) winning 10 of his last 13 MMA fights.