In case you missed episode 1, click here to watch it now.

Now with that out of the way, lets talk episode 2. The high production value and story telling of the champions is as usual on point. The special kicks off with BJJ master Leandro Viera presenting Cain Velasquez with a black belt. We may have never seen Cain submit an opponent, but perhaps that changes going forward. We also get a look at Cain Velasquez the father as he takes his daughter to her gymnastics class.

Now for the contender. JDS’ coach Yuri Carton gives us his feelings on his main pupil. We then hear dos Santos tell the story of a mild depression the former champ suffered after losing the belt. That didn’t last long, as he slowly works through it with humor. Returning to Velasquez, we hear of Cain’s new strengthening regiment as well as his recovery process. The same goes for Junior as he is massaged by a blind man. Cigano also winds down with some soccer on the beach with friends. From there we hear of the media obligations and the last words from the camps. Will now see the final primetime next Tue. night before their showdown in Houston the following Saturday.