It won’t be long now until top welterweights Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks go to war to find out who is truly the best 170 lb. fighter in the world. UFC’s Primetime special continues with episode two of three, further revealing the lives of GSP and Hendricks.

In this episode we learn how Johny Hendricks met his wife and how their first date played out. What kind of Father he strives to be and what drives him to have the desire to be the champion. St-Pierre’s head trainer and friend Faraz Zahabi gives insight in to St-Pierre’s success as well as his own.

UFC 167 will take place on Nov. 16, live from Las Vegas, NV, as the UFC puts on what is expected to be their largest pay-per-view with a star cast of talent. Join us on that day as we provide live coverage of the event.