If the UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta could revive a dying sport and help guide the UFC to the level of success it is at now – why not apply the same business acumen to an NFL team? That’s the feeling UFC president Dana White gets when he talks on the future of his boss and close friend.

“Fighting is all I care about, it’s what I really do, and what I love. I’ve always loved it since I was a kid, but Lorenzo, my partner, is a football fanatic,” White said when speaking to the Dan LeBatard show in Miami on Thursday.

“I would not be shocked if Lorenzo ends up owning an NFL team. I would not be shocked.”

Working side-by-side with NFL’s main distribution, Fox Sports has likely shown the UFC execs that they do have the know-how to run a successful franchise in another sport if they pleased.

“He’s an awesome owner. They’re very smart guys and they’re great guys to work for. They’re very generous to everybody. They would be a great fit for the NFL and they’re very aggressive guys. They go into a market where a team hasn’t been doing well, I think they’re the guys that could turn a team around,” said White.

“They’d be kick ass owners.”

It’s no secret that the fastest growing sport has accrued the UFC owner a hefty fortune, as he has been seen on Forbes and many other top fortune lists as of late. There is no current plans to purchase any specific team or perhaps even add an expansion team (Nevada?), but White reminds us that “everything is for sale.”