“We are very open to the idea of Anderson/GSP. If GSP beats Condit, it’s a fight we would like to make,” said head chairman of the UFC Lorenzo Fertitta.

When the head of the UFC says it’s the fight they desire, you know there is a likeliness of it occurring.

“GSP is the biggest fight possible, the top one we want,” said Silva’s manager Ed Soares during yestereday’s UFC press conference.

In the past UFC president Dana White had teased at the possibility of a super-fight between the two sports greats Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, but with opponents lining up around the block and bad timing it has not a feasible match-up as of yet. Now with Silva’s management calling for the fight and head UFC chairman Lorenzo Fertitta revealing to The LA Times that they are one fight away from setting it up, the bout looks to be in reach.

The match-up is obviously not a lock at this point as the welterweight champ will need to get past what looks to be his toughest test to date in Carlos Condit. Not only will St-Pierre be dealing with a hungry former champ in Condit, but he will be testing out his post ACL knee surgery for the first time in the cage while coming off a lengthy 19 month layoff. Statistics have not been in fighters favors when coming off long layoffs as many have admitted to ring rust issues after lackluster performances on their return.

The press did also question Silva’s management of the other super fight in fans interest between Jon Jones and Silva.

“Neither guy wants the fight. At some point, maybe, but right now it’s not a fight that interests Anderson, said Soares.”