Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become a touchy subject for middleweight Vitor Belfort as of late. Following his KO finish of Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8, MMAJunkie’s John Morgan had asked “The Phenom” to touch on the subject, which led to some harsh words for the reporter.

Kicking off at 18:30 (video above) Belfort becomes very aggressive, as he says “can somebody beat him up, please. Somebody beat him up.” Coming to Belfort’s defense as well, his opponent Luke Rockhold says “TRT doesn’t land that heel kick.” From there on it turned into a verbal Portuguese pounding of words as Vitor said “your boring, get out of here,” repeatedly. Going forward, there was no talking to Belfort for Morgan.

Not the most professional moment in Belfort’s career, there is arguments for both sides of the conflict. Answering the same question, time and time again can become maddening — especially when you’re trying to enjoy a win. As for Morgan, he respectively asked a question that was on everyone’s mind. He was doing his job. Unfortunately he became the sacrificial lamb this time around in the ongoing struggles between media and athletes.

That was obviously not the only intriguing facts learned. We receive the official word that the upcoming Brazil card will headline Champ Jose Aldo versus Anthony Pettis  and co-headline Demian Maia versus Josh Koscheck. We also learn that plans to return to Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil are already in talks.