Mike “Quick” Swick (15-4-0) vs. Matt “The Immortal” Brown (15-11-0)

Looking at Matt Brown’s record, at first glance you may wonder how he has stuck around in the UFC for so long. As bad as it looks, outside of a three fight losing streak, Brown is 8-2 in the octagon which is not shabby. Swick himself has always been a contender, but he is very susceptible to injuries. He came back from a two year absence in his last bout. Luckily, his return was nothing short of a spectacular fight, and with these two fighters in the cage with each other you can count on excitement.

Swick has always made different choices in his career. After rattling off five straight wins he decided to drop to 170 after one loss. Even though at the time the middleweight division was short on contenders, while welterweight was stacked. Losses to Dan Hardy and Paulo Thiago set him back some, but the aforementioned injuries set him back even more. His tools to win is his undervalued ground game. Especially when your opponent has nine out of eleven losses by submission, your game plan is easy. Swick says he feels like he is finally past the injury hump, and at 33 years old he better hope so.

For Brown, he will want to keep this fight standing. He knows where his weaknesses lie, and that’s out of the ground, even if he is in top position. Swick has been knocked out before, and was even rocked in his loss to Paulo Thiago. If Brown wins this fight, he will be on the biggest winning streak of his career with four straight wins. It all depends if he can keep it off the ground and avoid the speed of “Quick” Swick.

The Bottom Line: Brown has never had a four fight win streak in his career and that’s for a reason. You can only avoid the ground game for so long. Look for it to be a war of imposing will, but ending with Swick geting a submission late in the third.