In typical Diaz fashion, Nate Diaz took the stage at the UFC on FOX open workouts, busted his ass hitting and pads, and addressed his adoring fans with an impromptu Q&A session. Then he stood before the media and went buckwild.

It was light-hearted and all in good fun, but Diaz was all Diaz when it came time to answer questions.

With rap music coming from his phone (“You guys don’t mind a soundtrack, do you?” he asked before placing his phone on the carpet), Diaz was asked who he thought would win in the main event. He said he didn’t care.

When asked about his thoughts on Conor McGregor, Diaz guffawed. He was doing all that that talking stuff before – why does McGregor get praised for it and he gets put on these cards that get only a fraction of the attention?

On the notion that this Saturday’s FOX card is receiving a lesser push than last week’s trio of events in Las Vegas, Diaz expounded – and lamented his lack of prominence on the event poster. At that point he grabbed a Sharpie, turned to the poster that served as a backdrop, and drew a stick figure of himself on it (he gave himself muscles and abs, and put “#1” next to his name).

Nate Diaz, people. He gives zero fucks.