Mike Russow (15-2-0-1) vs. Shawn “The Savage” Jordan (13-4-0)

Russow is an accomplished wrestler who has power in his hands, and he is facing Jordan, who has an age and size advantage. This match will come down to whether or not Jordan can defend Russow’s takedowns, because if he cannot he may be in for a long night. With nine wins by knockout in his 13 career wins, Jordan has an advantage on his feet. Russow has been out-struck before, but he should be able to control Jordan on the ground while working for a submission or TKO by punches.
Russow by unanimous decision

Ryan “Darth” Bader (14-3-0) vs. Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko (26-6-0)

Bader looks to get back on the winning track after being knocked out in a number-one contenders bout with Lyoto Machida, and Matyushenko wants to get his first win in almost two years after injuries kept him out all of 2012. This will most likely be a wrestling match as both fighters have great ground control and will want to use that to secure a win. Matyushenko may have the better striking, but Bader also has very big power in his hands. Matyushenko has only ever lost to the best fighters in the world, but the question remains if Bader is part of the elite.
Matyushenko by submission in the second round

Clay “The Carpenter” Guida (29-13-0) vs. Hatsu Hioki (26-5-2)

Guida wants to impress in his drop to featherweight after many fans were disappointed in his last bout with Gray Maynard. Hioki will want to impress as well after losing a disappointing bout to Ricardo Lamas after he turned down a title shot. Guida’s advantage comes from his wrestling, relentless pressure, and great cardio, but who knows how that will be affected by the weight cut. Hioki will need to use his height and reach advantage in this fight. He is going to try for submissions, which his lanky body will help with, but if he is on his back he may have trouble locking any in.
Hatsu Hioki by third round submission

TJ Grant (19-5-0) vs. Matt “Handsome” Wiman (15-6-0)

Both Wiman and Grant are accomplished grapplers, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If it stays on the feet, Wiman has shown to have power, but Grant’s striking looked great in the Dunham fight. Plus, Grant will enjoy a five-inch reach advantage. On the ground, Grant has submitted many more opponents, but that has not stopped Wiman before since he took out Paul Sass in his last fight. Both fighters are equally matched, and the fight may come down to who wants it more – no matter how cliched that sounds.
TJ Grant by unanimous decision