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Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC on FOX 25, which comes to us from Long Island and features Chris Weidman (who also comes to us from Long Island) against Kelvin Gastelum in the main event.

First up: Shane Burgos versus Godofredo Pepey.

Pepey was a top runner-up on an early season of TUF Brasil; Burgos, meanwhile, is a local Team Tiger Schulmann fighter who’s never lost a fight and is thus far 2-0 in the Octagon.

Round 1 begins with the Brazilian swinging wild and hard – as he’s oft to do – and Burgos shrugs off the spinning kicks and backfists and stands right in his face, whipping out a jab that keeps Pepey backing off. In fact, despite Pepey throwing strikes that no doubt have knockout power behind them, he remains on his back-foot, and wisely so, as when he comes forward, Burgos drops him with a knee to the face and drops him again with a punch to the grill. Both times Pepey waits for Burgos to engage him on the ground, but the American scoffs and forces him to stand.

Pepey tries to turn up the heat with his strikes in the second, and repeatedly lands an overhand right. However, Burgos refuses to do anything but stay in his face, and after shrugging off those rights, continues to pursue Pepey and jab him relentlessly. Pepey is getting marked up, and every effort to take the fight to the ground – either by takedown or jump to guard – is either stuffed or laughed at.

The final round sees Burgos shrug off more punches and beat on his opponent with a steady stream of knuckles, and Pepey’s repeated attempts at falling to guard and beckoning Burgos to join him are met with boos. Only in the final ten seconds does Burgos oblige, and Pepey is rewarded with hammerfists. Man, what a beating.


Results: Shane Burgos def. Godofredo Pepey via Unanimous Decision