Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Pat Cummins famously got his UFC shot when he was a barista at a coffee shop and Daniel Cormier needed an opponent at the last minute. Since then, he’s had to get seasoned while in the Octagon, and it’s yielded mixed results. Gian Villante has had mixed results in the Octagon as well, but he’s always willing to throw down – a trait he and Cummins share – so here we go.

The fight beings with Cummins hunting for takedowns and Villante working his sprawl-and-brawl, but an accidental clash of heads suddenly turns Cummins into a Friday the 13th movie. They resume trying to work their respective games, and eventually Cummins does succeed in getting Villante down briefly, but good Lord is it bloody, and all that red adds a good but of drama.

Those takedown attempts continue in the second, as does the flowing blood. However, when Cummins trades punches he scores, and though Villante lands a few of his own, soon the ex-barista is firing off combos and wearing Villante down.

Villante keeps at it in the third, and makes Cummins shakey with a right hand. Still, it goes back to a shot-for-shot punchfest, and Cummins just won’t quit. The bells sounds with them duking it out.


Results: Patrick Cummins def. Gian Villante via Split Decision