Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The heavyweights are up next, and neither man is from Long Island or Greater New York – why are they on this card then? Whatever. It’s Timothy Johnson against Junior Albini, and all you need to know about Johnson is he sports a handlebar moustache and has won three and lost two in the Octagon; Albini is making his UFC debut.

The bout opens with Johnson looking to overwhelm his opponent with fists, and though Albini is forced to back up, he does a great job of not getting caught by one. When Johnson lets up, Albini fires back, and after sticking Johnson with a knee, the Octagon newcomer cracks him in the dome good enough to send him careening to the canvas. Albini follows up with hammerfists, and it’s all over.


Results: Junior Albini def. Timothy Johnson via KO (Hammerfists) at 2:51, R1