Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Lyman Good was one of Bellator’s first champs, and when he finally made the jump to the UFC, he won via impressive knockout. But he’s been out for two years, and tonight he’ll be greeted by former Jungle Fight champ Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos, whose 2-1 in the Octagon.

Round 1 commences with Good throwing kicks, and “ZDS” catching a kick and throwing him down. Good is up almost instantly, is back down from a takedown, and is up again – and now he realizes he can’t open up with his kicks without the threat of a groundfight looming. That’s fine though, because aside from some low-kicks knocking him off balance, Good is all about that striking, and he and ZDS take turns banging each other with punches.

Good is totally stalking ZDS down in the second, but whenever he gets close, he ends up eating as many hard punches as he lands, and this war of attrition is a dangerous game. This time around ZDS gets every takedown attempt stuffed, and though he lands a hard knee and some solid punches here and there, Good keeps walking him down.

The final round sees Good resume his constant pursuit, and yet whenever he gets in range, he shells up and absorbs whatever kicks and punches ZDS throws. Good does land a few good licks of his own, but in terms of scoring points, it’s clear the Brazilian is racking them up. Time expires with the duo swinging hard.


Results: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Lyman Good via Split Decision