Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Like Brian Kelleher, Ryan LaFlare is a Long Islander who’s been waiting his whole career to fight ridiculously close to home in front of his family and friends. Tonight, Brazilian striker Alex Oliveira will oblige him!

Given his wrestling and jiu-jitsu background, it’s no surprise when LaFlare goes for, and gets, the takedown. From there, it’s north/south position, where the American squeezes for a choke that isn’t quite there, and then side-control. Oliveira tries to scramble, but LaFlare’s control is too great, and the waning seconds of the first round are spent with LaFlare going for an armbar.

Round 2 sees Oliveira score with a low-kick, and LaFlare continues his pursuit, throwing single strikes to open his opponent up so he can shoot in with a takedown. But Oliveira ain’t buying it, and when LaFlare charges in, “Cowboy” snuffs him out with an uppercut, causing the American to face-plant.


Results: Alex Oliveira def. Ryan LaFlare via KO (Punch) at 1:50, R2