I swear, there’s a Crocodile Hunter/Crocodile Dundee joke somewhere in here, but Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza’s spirit animal is the alligator, and Robert Whittaker is from New Zealand, not Australia (like Crocodile Dundee was), and I just can’t quite make the joke materialize. Whatever. Rising up-and-comer Whittaker took on top ranked Jacare at UFC on FOX 24 last night, and in a stunning upset, totally smashed him.

As one of the best grapplers in the business, it was expected that Jacare would steamroll over the TUF winner once it got to the ground. And after about two minutes of feeling each other out on the feet, the ground was where it went, with Jacare very nearly taking Whittaker’s back. But Whittaker did his homework, and was¬†able to avoid doom and get back to his feet. He spent the rest of the round with ever-growing confidence in his strikes, of which there¬†were an increasing number that began to land.

Whittaker came out for Round 2 with a killer right hand that in no time dropped Jacare to the canvas. The Brazilian got back up, but he’d just enter Punch City, population: him, and from then on things got really rough. Kicks to the body, jabs to the chops, a left hand – Whittaker was in charge, and soon Jacare was eating a stunner of a kick to the face and crumbling to the canvas. The New Zealander pounced, and though Jacare struggled to survive, he took a lot of damage – which prompted the ref to waive it off.

Holy upset, Batman.


Results: Robert Whittaker def. Ronaldo Souza via TKO (Punches) at 3:28, R2