Ever since he claimed the throne, Demetrious Johnson, a.k.a., ‘Mighty Mouse’, has had the flyweight division on lockdown. Which is good for him, as no one can have any doubts that he’s the best of the little guys. But his dominance is bad for those of us who want at least just a little drama and element of the unknown in the MMA bouts we watch. Because really, who can defeat DJ? He’s wrecked all comers.

So, because he’s so good, every Mighty Mouse fight is a foregone conclusion. Why then would anyone want to tune in when he steps into the cage?

Johnson is headlining UFC on FOX 24, and he’ll be defending his belt against Wilson Reis, who’s a good, well-credentialed fighter worthy of a title shot. But we know how it will go…

Here’s a sample of Johnson’s handiwork: