Li Jingliang has been having mixed results since coming to the UFC, but you can almost see the learning curve in action, with his last fight ending in a sweet first-round knockout. Bobby Nash is a banger himself, and is no stranger to earning those elusive Octagon wins. How’s this one going to play out?

Right off the bat these guys let each other know that there’s a face-punching party underway. For Nash, that means a Round 1 with him checking his opponent’s chin with jabs and a left hook that sends Jingliang to the the canvas. The round ends on the ground, with Jingliang barely fending off a choke and winding up on bottom.

Nash continues tagging him in Round 2, but Jingliang’s got whiskers, and eventually his right hand is the stunner that sends the American down. The follow-up barrage is purely academic, as Nash is seeing stars and the referee has seen enough.


Results: Li Jingliang def. Bobby Nash via TKO (Punches) at 4:45, R2