Luis Henrique da Silva is another big Brazilian who’s seen some success in the Octagon, but as always, the question everyone must solve when faced with a big American wrestler is sometimes a question not everyone has an answer to. Tonight, Henrique da Silva’s opponent is Jordan Johnson – the proverbial “big American wrestler” – what’s the Brazilian’s answer?

Apparently, Henrique da Silva’s answer is to get taken down. Round 1 sees Johnson score with his jab, and when his opponent tries to fire back, BOOM! goes the takedown. Henrique da Silva’s attempt to scramble up are met with a D’Arce choke attempt, and though he escapes, it isn’t long before Johnson has him down again. Repeat and rinse for Round 2 – did Henrique da Silva train any wrestling defense at all for this fight?

Round 3 has the Brazilian wearing his exhaustion like a cinder block around his neck, making every effort labored. Jordan, meanwhile, just does his wrestling thing, grinding away like it’s a Sunday afternoon in the park. Time expires and you just know who takes the decision.


Results: Jordan Johnson def. Luis Henrique da Silva via Unanimous Decision