Being flashy and unorthodox makes you memorable, but sometimes you need to master the fundamentals, otherwise you get your ass kicked. Such is the story of Alex Caceres, a.k.a. “Bruce Leroy”, who’s got fun-to-watch standup and can at times find the triangle choke, but who otherwise has proven to be vulnerable against the skilled, no-nonsense fighters.

Well, I guess we can label Jason Knight as one of those “skilled, no-nonsense” fighters.

Round 1 of their UFC on FOX 23 bout was all about Caceres dancing around and utilizing his strikes to fullest effect. Knight landed counters, and made his opponent think with some takedown attempts, but ultimately Caceres was all over the place and able to land from a variety of angles, and that made all the difference in terms of scoring and racking up points.

But Knight made adjustments when Round 2 came around, and in the first minute got Caceres down and was latched onto his back with a tight figure-four while searching for the choke. To his credit, Caceres defended well, but when Knight began peppering him with elbows, that opened up the chin for the choke, and soon it was sunk and Caceres was tapping.


Results: Jason Knight def. Alex Caceres via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:21, R2