Mixed martial arts is still illegal in France, but that just means France’s Francis Ngannou has to ply his trade here in the US – and tonight, that meant a main card bout against former champ Andre Arlovski. Look, we know Ngannou has got scary power, and Arlovski has been in the game so long that his chin can no longer take bombs like it used to (actually, it never could really take bombs, but whatever…). So this match-up is really just a snuff film taking place live on the main FOX network. Enjoy it for what it is.

Arlovski starts off moving around, trying to stay just out of range of incoming fire while he steps in to land quick combos. This is effective for under a minute and a half. At that point, Ngannou simply says “screw it” and clobbers Arlovski with a left and then a right. Arlovski goes down on all fours and is rendered senseless, and the TKO comes soon after.

God, Ngannou is a beast.


Results: Francis Ngannou def. Andre Arlovski via TKO (Punches) at 1:32, R1