Next up on the Fight Pass prelims is a bout between Alexandre Pantoja and Eric Shelton.

These guys are pretty evenly matched, although from the outset Pantoja seems to get what he wants more often than not when it comes to superior positioning on the ground. In Round 1, that comes in the form of him getting Shelton down and snagging back-control – a development that has Shelton on defense while Pantoja hunts for the choke. Round 2 sees Pantoja sniff around for guillotines, and take the back in the latter half of the round. Once more Shelton fends off the rear naked choke, but while he and Pantoja seemed somewhat equal on the feet, you have to think the scorecards are favoring the Brazilian in a big way.

The final round has Shelton just too tired to effectively work his striking like he’s been, and though he avoids going to the ground, his exhaustion enables Pantoja to score with strikes while they stand. Time runs out with them on their feet looking to land.


Results: Alexandre Pantoja def. Eric Shelton via Split Decision