The women’s bantamweight division needs some badass killers. I get it. With the vacuum left by Ronda Rousey’s ass-kicking and fall from grace, we’ve got what, one fighter to think of as really tough (champ Amanda Nunes), and then a bunch of top contenders who don’t really strike awe and fear into the hearts of anyone.

But Julianna Pena has been trying to talk her way into that “badass” role, and it’s starting to really grate on my ears. Yeah, sure, Pena has done well in the Octagon thus far, and a breakout performance against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC on FOX 23 could mean a shot at the champ. However, all the talk in the world, all the assertions that she “fears no fighter” are pretty meaningless when she’s failing to put opponents away and instead has to grind out wins.

Anyway, here’s hoping she can back up her tough talk with a super-impressive performance. Otherwise, it’s all just words.