Saturday’s UFC on FOX 23 will give us Valentina Shevchenko versus Julianna Pena as a main event, and if there was ever a time when an entire weight class needed someone to have a breakout performance to galvanize fan interest, it’s now with the women’s bantamweight division.

The UFC has used up their “Ronda Rousey returns!” card, and now they have to scrounge up some sort of matchup that makes fans want to continue to care.

Does such a matchup exist? Is there a challenger to Amanda Nunes’ belt that would make for some must-see TV? Hell no. But that could change on Saturday night. All it takes is for Shevchenko and/or Pena to kick some serious ass and have the performance of a lifetime.

Here’s Joe Rogan breaking down Saturday’s main event. Watch the video, and keep in mind how desperately the UFC needs someone for us to be excited about.