Well, this is it folks: Urijah Faber’s last fight. It’s been a long, storied career for him, and though he never quite made it across the championship finish line in the UFC, he was always regarded as one of the best. And now the ride is ending.

Brad Pickett is every bit the veteran Faber is, and whereas Faber reps California, Pickett is one of the UK’s dudes since his time in Cage Rage. This should be a good one.

Faber wastes no time doing that thing he does, opening Round 1 with all his frenetic directional changes that soon have Pickett bobbing and weaving into jabs. Pickett switches things up by scoring a takedown (!), and in the ensuing scramble up Faber sneaks in a left hook that drops the Brit like a sack of potatoes. The follow-up punches very nearly have the ref jumping in, but Pickett – on autopilot – keeps moving and defending, and somehow escapes the rear naked choke attempts when Faber takes his back. Credit to Pickett for having the best autopilot in the world.

Round 2 has Pickett repeatedly landing low-kicks to the calf that have Faber wobbling and slowing, but those finishing counter left hooks he needs to land never find their mark, and when Faber starts mixing in takedowns and a smothering top game, things just go from bad to worse for the Brit.

Pickett scores one knockdown in the third, the result of a punch while Faber was on one leg, but when time runs out there’s no question Faber gets to leave the Octagon forever sporting a “W”.


Results: Urijah Faber def. Brad Pickett via Unanimous Decision