Irene Aldana has been wrecking shop in Invicta FC, so her call-up to the Octagon is both inevitable and eagerly anticipated. Leslie Smith, meanwhile, has made a name for herself as the grittiest gatekeeper the UFC has got women’s bantamweight, so someone is getting hit in this one.

Round 1 opens with Aldana working her jab, trying to set the pace and maintain range. But Smith ain’t having none of that nonsense, and simply walks forward slinging fire, eating everything coming her way. Eventually a right hand sends Aldana to the canvas. She survives the storm and reclaims her footing, and lands a bit at the end of the round; however, this clearly isn’t Invicta – Aldana is in the big leagues now.

Rounds 2 and 3 play out in similar fashion, and though Aldana doesn’t teeter on the brink of extinction, she shooting rubber bullets at a Terminator and Smith is walking through it and tagging her. It’s a good fight, but it’s all Smith by the final horn.


Results: Leslie Smith def. Irene Aldana via Unanimous Decision