Alan Jouban is to dashingly handsome in the same way that water is to wet. Mike Perry is essentially every racist trailer park redneck who found himself with knockout power in his hands. Put them together and you have the opening bout of the UFC on FOX 22 main card.

Perry is all about hitting hard, hitting heavy and putting dudes away. Jouban knows this, of course, so with his sharp kickboxing skills and a hell of a lot of discipline, he snuffs out Perry’s initial charge with blazing counters, then chips away with precise kicks to the body and inner thigh while popping Perry in the face whenever he can. This is the story of the first round, with Jouban putting an emphasis on his control with a successful takedown. Perry rallies late, but so what?

Round 2 sees Perry look to land that one stunner that will turn the tide, yet it remains elusive. Jouban is just to unwavering in his gameplan. When the third round comes and goes with Jouban relentlessly kicking Perry in the gut and Perry unable to score anything worthwhile, it’s clear the judges will have it easy when time runs out.


Results: Alan Jouban def. Mike Perry via Unanimous Decision