We’re up to the “main event” of the UFC on FOX 21 prelims, and it offers us Sam Alvey versus Kevin Casey. Alvey is a miserly puncher who knocks people out when he does throw leather (he doesn’t always). Casey is a jiu-jitsu black belt who hit his ceiling a while ago.

Wary if his opponent’s left hand, Casey throws single kicks and jabs and retreats after each one – either he wants to win this bout by an accumulation of points, or he’s trying to draw Alvey out and counter him. They tie up against the cage midway through the round, after Alvey inexplicably caught a kick and pulled him close. There they struggle through the molasses, and the final ten seconds see Alvey flurry with fists, knees and elbows.

Alvey adds kicks to the inside thigh, and when Casey refuses to open up more, Alvey becomes an aggressive hunter fires off a plethora of punches – one of which tags Casey in the head and sends him to the canvas. Instead of following him down, Alvey beckons him back to the feet, where they go back to methodically throwing leather while holding back from exposing themselves. Then, with 30 seconds left, Alvey transforms into that predator again, and this time when he sends Casey to the canvas, he follows it up with some thunder from above. Referee Yves Lavigne jumps in before the final horn.


Results: Sam Alvey def. Kevin Casey via TKO (Punches) at 4:56, R2