Paige VanZant made her mainstream mark with a star turn on “Dancing With The Stars”, but dancing doesn’t put food on the table, so here we are with her returning to the Octagon to face Aussie Bec Rawlings. Both ladies can scrap, so let’s enjoy this one for the violence it promises.

VanZant races across the cage throws a jumping kick, and those kicks keep coming. Rawlings answers this mode of attack by coming in, flurrying and disappearing whenever VanZant tries to clinch, and after a couple minutes it’s clear VanZant is totally okay with absorbing a lot of punches just to get her way. In the final 20 seconds VanZant tags her opponent with a clean right hand, but otherwise it’s Rawlings who’s constantly scoring,

Round 2 starts off just like the first, but this time around when VanZant throws a jumping switch kick, she nails Rawlings in the jaw. The Aussie crashes to the canvas, and the follow-up punches have referee Dan Miragliotta stepping in.


Results: Paige VanZant def. Bec Rawlings via KO (Kick and Punches) at :17, R2