It’s time for Enrique Barzola and Kyle Bochniak to do the dance. Barzola won a season of TUF Latam, which is about the equivalent of collecting more cereal box tops and being eligible for x-ray glasses in terms of a status in the cage. Bochniak, meanwhile, can hit hard and wrestle okay.

Neither man really commits to more than a leg-kick from the outside or a counterpunch when the other comes in. But whearas Bochniak is in constant motion, hopping in and out and side to side, Barzola is patient, and once he finds his range and set himself, he starts scoring more and more with his kicks and punches. With a minute and a half to go, Bochniak nails a takedown, and when they’re get back up he lands a clean cross right on his foe’s chin. Barzola eats it, but the lesson is clear: sleep on the Bosnian and he’ll sleep you.

Barzola gets on the scoreboard in Round 2 with some crisp boxing combinations, and twice he trips Bochniak to the canvas. Bochniak ratchets up his own boxing, and when he mixes in his kicks, he scores as well. In the final ten seconds Barzola latches on and throws Bochniak to the canvas. It’s hard to say if that’s enough to steal the round.

These guys are so evenly matched – and not particularly great in anyone one aspect of fighting – that all of the third is just them chipping away at each other with single strikes and one-two combos. Twice Barzola gets a brief takedown, so maybe he takes the round. But who knows.


Results: Kyle Bochniak def. Enrique Barzola via Split Decision