When last we saw our intrepid heroes, Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon were battling it out in the Octagon from bell to bell and staining every surface with their blood. Now, years later, we get the rematch. Booyah.

With a pace that can best be described as “meth lighting”, Miller and Lauzon engage immediately, throwing kicks and punches like they’ve got a quota to fill. When Lauzon catches he kick he transitions into a heelhook attempt, and when Miller escapes they go back to trying to take the other man’s head down. At the two-and-a-half minute mark Miller falls to the canvas after a missed kick, and Lauzon gets into his half-guard and goes to work battering him. Miller gets back up after a minute, and he scores with his boxing, penetrating Lauzon’s defenses with four- and five-punch combos.

Lauzon continues moving forward in Round 2, but his propensity for shelling up under fire has Miller racking up the points on a covered-up fighter. Again it goes to the ground when Miller loses his balance off a thrown kick, and from top position Lauzon threatens with a kimura then switches to ground and pound.

Miller opens Round 3 by unloading about 100 punches in the span of 30 seconds. So much leather is thrown that, when Lauzon doesn’t go down, you suddenly have to wonder if Miller is punching himself out. Lauzon soon gets a takedown and secures top position, and it takes a slow, methodical effort for him to escape the realm of the vertical. But he flubs a throw and winds up on the bottom again, and with the horn about to sound signalling the end, Lauzon stretches out his arm for an armbar attempt.

We go to the judges’ scorecards.


Result: Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon via Split Decision