Greetings, friends. Tonight’s CagedInsider liveblogging action centers around UFC on FOX 21, which is headlined by an ultra-important welterweight contest between Demian Maia and Carlos Condit that could determine the next title challenger.

We start of where we always start: the Fight Pass prelims, the first of which has Canadian Jeremy Kennedy taking on Canadian Alessandro Ricco. Yes, Canadian blood will be shed. The bullet points on these guys are that Kennedy is undefeated and making his Octagon debut, while Ricci has a lengthy Muay Thai background.

They meet in the center of the cage and trade punches, and Ricci ties up, bringing the fight to the cage so they can jockey for superiority. When they make space, Kennedy is all about hunting that head with his fists and Ricci keeps scoring with leaping knees to the body. In the final 30 seconds Kennedy reaps out a leg and scores a brief takedown – is it enough to take the round in the judges’ eyes?

Round Two opens with Ricci digging in with knees to the body from way outside (which is a pretty cool technique we rarely see). Kennedy responds by pressing his foe against the fence. The smothering festival continues, punctuated by quick exchanges and then more man-huggery. Another leg-reap by Kennedy brings the fight to the ground, and though he can’t do anything for the 30 seconds they’re there, you have to think he’s edging ahead on points.

The final round is all about Kennedy pressing Ricci against the fence and getting him down with the same takedown as before, and Ricci unable to do anything about. Ho-hum.


Results: Jeremy Kennedy def. Alessandro Ricci via Unanimous Decision