A couple of years ago, you never would’ve dreamed of seeing Charles Oliveira and Anthony Pettis in the cage together. After all, Pettis was the best, and Oliveira never could quite get to title contention.

Oh how the mighty have fallen,

So now we know that Pettis has some serious holes in his game, based on the lackluster career he’s head since coming to the UFC, and now it’s a question of him being able to amass some wins before he gets cut.

The Brazilian wastes no time going for the takedown, snatching up his opponent’s leg and working to overcome Pettis’ impeccable balance. It takes two tries before he’s successful, but when he does he’s on Pettis’ back. Pettis reverses, navigates an exit from Oliveira’s guard, and motions for him to stand. When Oliveira does, Pettis drops him with a kick to the body, and proceeds to unleash hell while shimmying out of triangles and armbars. The Brazilian reverses with a takedown that puts Pettis on his butt; however, when Pettis escapes that mess, he goes back to delivering punishment.

Oliveira scores a takedown in the first 30 seconds of Round 2, and like before Pettis escapes trouble. Back on the feet and Oliveira gets the worst of it, but strangely enough he scores with strikes as well. When they get close to the cage Oliveira jumps onto his foe’s back, and now Pettis is struggling to stay alive against the Brazilian’s back-mount and choke attempts. He reverses and steps away, and they spend the remaining seconds of the frame punching each other in the face.

The takedown comes early for Oliveira, and it’s suddenly a lesson in jiu-jitsu, with Olveira passing guard and dodging an armbar, and Pettis reversing. But when Oliveira scrambles and drives forward, Pettis snatch up the exposed neck and sinks in the guillotine. Oliveira has no other choice but to tap out.


Results: Anthony Pettis def. Charles Oliveira via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at  1:49, R3