The middleweight are up, with Italy’s Alessio Di Chirico taking on South African Garreth McLellan. McLellan is so “metal”, he craps raw iron ore – can Di Chirico cope?

McLellan throws a probing low-kick and Di Chirico comes over the top with an overhand right. This happens three times in the first ten seconds, with the third instance resulting in McLelland eat a fistful of leather that hopefully teaches him not to throw that damn kick anymore. Soon the South African is paying the Italian back with an uppercut and some combos, and after a couple minutes of this, Di Chirico is breathing with his mouth open and missing more often than landing. The horn sounds with McLellan disengaging and Di Chirico probably wondering if this whole “be a UFC fighter” thing was worth it.

Round 2 opens with McLellan landing a takedown, but when Di Chirico makes his way back to his feet, he starts landing elbows on the South African’s head that clearly leave him stunned and on autopilot. The ref leans in close to jump in; however, the end doesn’t come, as McLellan regains his senses and works to get upright. McLellan is bleeding a bit now,and Di Chirico scores with a takedown of his own. On their feet McLellan tries to go for a takedown, which Di Chirico thwarts by a blatant fence grab (the ref lets that one slide for some reason), and when the horn sounds they’re two exhausted warriors struggling to get to the end of their workday.

Despite being tired as hell, McLellan comes forward and starts swinging in the opening of the third. Di Chirico takes him down and secures mount, and they’re soon scrambling underwater, with McClellan winding up on top. They get back up and lumbering around the Octagon, taking turns battering each other while struggling to gulp down air. It takes some doing, but with 40 seconds left McLellan lands a takedown, which enables him to ride out the round on top.


Result: Alessandro Di Chirico def. Garreth McLellan via Split Decision