Michel Prazeres is a Brazilian takedown machine nicknamed “Tractor”, while American JC Cottrell is a taller, lankier dude making his UFC debut.

Prazeres wants the fight on the ground, and he gets it there on his second try. Cottrell almost spins out of it, though, so Tractor ties him up with an omoplata. They’re struck there for a bit, and when Prazeres threatens with a straight armbar, Cottrell spins again and Prazeres moves on top. Clearly, Cottrell has good jiu-jitsu while Prazeres’ jiu-jitsu is utterly fantastic. The horn sounds with Tractor in side-control.

The UFC rookie foolishly comes in swinging in the second round, which is all Prazeres needs to take him down. Rinse and repeat a few times, and you have to wonder if Cottrell is counting on the Brazilian getting tired of taking him down.

Well, what do you know. Tractor does get tired of taking Cottrell down, because he spends the entire first minute of Round 3 beating the crap out of the American with hard kicks to the body and hooks to head. One more takedown by the Oliveira and the rest is spent with him out-scoring Cottrell with crisper striking, and then comes the final horn.


Result: Michel Prazeres def. JC Cottrell via Unanimous Decision